John Marsh, has over 25 years experience in stickmaking. He is totally self taught and his work is heavily influenced through his love of nature, the natural materials around him and the beautiful island where he has lived and worked since 1992. John gathers these natural materials all over Mull and surrounding areas using them whenever possible.

Besides walking sticks, John makes crooks, cleeks, thumb sticks, ski poles, wading staffs, carved handles with  animals, birds and fish, buffalo horn or ram's horn handles to name a few! John also fashions chandeliers, furniture, mirrors, lamps, coat hangers, fishing priests, whistles, necklaces, toggles and more all from naturally cast deer antlers.  Visit

He also sells Red/ Roe/ Fallow/ Sika and Muntjac trophies mounted or on their own or matched pairs of the same. In fact anything with antlers in mind. Email John with your your requirements.

For craftsmen who are creating their own walking sticks or craft projects, John,s son also named John runs this side of the business from his online stick making supplies shop. He has a wide range of components available which can be viewed and purchased online, please visit the Stick making Supplies Shop.
Buffalo horn Market Stick on hazel shank
Carved pheasant in walnut on hazel shank
Ramshorn double curl on hazel shank
Rare Jacobs sheep horn on hazel shank
market stick
Walking Sticks & Crooks
By John Marsh, Stickmaker
Enquiries to:

John Marsh
Baliscate House
Salen Road
Isle of Mull
PA75 6QA

Tel: 01688 302185
If you are on holiday on the Isle of Mull come and visit our shop in Tobermory
on the Main Street, with its display of walking sticks, crooks and trophy heads.
Open 7 days 10 - 7 in the summer 11 - 5 the rest of the year..